Birthday Party for IMADA! ~36th-Anniversary Celebration~

IMADA Co., Ltd., founded on November 28th, 1987, just celebrated its 36th anniversary. As always, an anniversary event was held, with employees gathering to celebrate and appreciate this day.

It has been quite distressing in the last couple of years since we were not able to hold gathering face-to-face events during the pandemic. The lunch event for the anniversary last year was organized in two groups, with wide-spaced seating arrangements, so it has been a while for all of us to get together.

The event began with a short speech and a toast from the Imada CEO. It was also the first event for the newly joined members, and so it was also a welcoming event, the first opportunity to meet the company members all at once. Then, of course, we enjoyed a delicious meal! And the overflowing chocolate fountain in the foreground was a reward for a year’s worth of hard work ☺

Some staff on maternity leave also joined us with their newborn babies, making us think of how fast the time flies. We were delighted to see them well, and we look forward to their return to work not before too long!

At IMADA, we have in-house events regularly throughout the year. Next on the list is the traditional year-end cleaning, followed by a year-end company dinner and a week-long break.

In spring, a cherry blossom festival is held under the beautiful “Sakura (cherry blossoms)” to enjoy the best time of the year. There are also some sporting events, such as Futsal, participation in the local City Marathon, and cheering on the local basketball team San-en Neo Phoenix.

Our lineups will continue to feature more on Force-Channel.

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