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  • Crafting products and Designing systems
  • Collaborative R&D

Crafting products and Designing systems

Seeking for partners in crafting products and designing system who will work together to advance technology and aim for mutual development.

IMADA Corporation challenges the world to spread the use of force measurement and to improve the technology. To achieve this ambitious goal, we are looking for partners to evolve our products and various systems. If you have any ideas or proposals to procure environmentally friendly materials, improve cost competitiveness, utilize unique technologies, or increase productivity in various system development, do contact us.

Recruitment Policy

Mutual development we respect each other as partners and aim for mutual development and growth.
Mutual trust we work together to solve problems through mutual consultation.
Fairness we strive for fair and transparent transactions.
Compliance we comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the international community and social norms.
Environment we use products with low environmental impact.
Information Management we treat transaction information as confidential information and do not disclose it outside the company without permission.

Application Guidelines

Metal processing metal processing products such as cutting, sheet metal, plating, and surface treatment, etc.
Machine parts machine element parts such as screws, nuts, springs, and ball screws, etc.
Materials materials that are close to the hardness of human fingers, lightweight and non-slip materials, etc.
Electronic and module components switches, connectors, cables, display components, AC adapters, power supplies, motors, etc.
Information management systems security enhancement, file management, business promotion systems, etc.
Production management processes automation of robots and inventory control, parts management and production control systems, etc.
Software development software, application, HP development, etc.

Collaborative R&D

We are surrounded by diverse forces. Lifting a parcel, moving a chair, or applying a foot brake are common and unconscious activities. What if the foot brake is very hard to apply? You would feel uncomfortable and even dangerous. It is no exaggeration to say that force is important factor for convenience, safety or even efficiency in our daily life (and even in business). Proper control of force would lead us to the pleasant life.

Force measurement is actually applied in a wide range of manufacturing process (including materials and finished products). Likewise, Force generated by human determines our health condition and athletic ability. To handle highly diversified applications, we believe that it is essential to think deeply, learn widely, enhance technique, accumulate know-how, and collaborate with diverse specialties.

We, IMADA, are willing to support your research by providing force measuring instruments and know-how of force measurement. Feel free to contact us even though your research subject is not concrete yet. We welcome your interest via force measurement in improving techniques, establishing new solutions, or new products, and ultimately contributing to society. We look forward to hearing from any of you in a corporate, an institution, university, and any other organizations.

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