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Force Channel is the corporate website and owned media channel of IMADA Co., Ltd. that started on August 24, 2021, to exploit everything about Forces and Force Measurements.

IMADA Studies out of Curiosity: The Force Measurement of the Day!
As a specialized manufacturer of force measurement devices, we aim to create a web media with contents anyone can enjoy, from experts in force measurement to those unfamiliar. The articles cover reports on the measurement and verification of various forces in daily life, case studies of force measurement in companies and schools, know-how and basic knowledge of force measurement, and our devotion to force measurement development and assistance for the improvement of manufacturing.

Many of us are unconscious of the so-called Forces around us: – The textures of the delicious food you eat every day, the slipperiness of the floor you walk on, and the soft textures of the wood condition suitable for the stag beetles to lay eggs…
Through Force Channel, we disseminate a range of information and realize our mission to contribute to the manufacturing industry through force measurement.

Categories Overview

Measure Forces
We introduce readable and engaging force measurement and examples we have experienced and investigated in-house.

Measurement Know-How
Here, we introduce helpful Force Measurement Tips accumulated with fundamental force measurement over the years with some solutions for the actual problems.

Case Study
This category features advantageous and attractive case studies from general inquiries and some experiments with academic research collaborations with universities and other educational organizations.

Force Measurement Tools and Devices
If you would like to know about measurement equipment types and how best to use them for Force measurement efficiency, this is the category you would check.

About Force Channel
All about Force Channel is Introduced here.

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