Company Overview

IMADA relentlessly quest for the ideal how people
and companies coexist and co-prosper.

Command of Empowerment

  • We elevate the manufacturing and empower every life in the world, and we do so by providing products and solutions to force measurement.
  • We improve the technologies and the services, in order to empower the customers.
  • We sophisticate the environment, for the purpose of empowering each one of us, of nourishing our potentials, and transform them to better products and services.
  • We empower ourselves and the company, and tirelessly quest for the creation of better future.

Mitsuhiro Imada, CEO of IMADA CO., LTD.

LOCATION99, Jinnoshinden-cho, aza Kanowari, Toyohashi, Aichi, 441-8077, Japan
ESTABLISHEDNovember 29th, 1987
BusinessDevelopment and Production of Force Gauges and Force Measurement related equipment
Development and Production of Customized Products
Sales of Force Gauges and Related Equipment
Import and Export of Force Gauges and Related Equipment
Various Services
DistributorAll over the world.