Thank you very much, Professor Nagao, of Hyogo University, for your visit! ”The Tiger in Short Sleeves”

Professor Nagano Naoki, Department of Health System Management at the Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Dean of the Faculty of Health Science at Hyogo University

Professor Nagao Noriki is affectionately known as “The Tiger in Short Sleeves” , based on his remarkable strength of physical and mental combination, determination, and resilience. (It is pretty evident from his physical appearance!). He is usually dressed casually in short-sleeved T-shirts all year round despite the seasonal weather differences, and he embodies power and approachability, leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter him as an image of a wild Tiger. 

Professor Nagao Noriki “The Tiger in Short Sleeves”
At the IMADA Lab. meeting

Professor Nagao and IMADA have been in close contact for almost twenty years. He was conducting research on *Human Body Composition when he discovered a discrepancy between the measurement method available at the time, considered the gold standard in the industry, and the standard body composition monitor available commercially. This incident was the reason for his first contact with us.IMADA has collaborated with Professor Nagao to develop a force-measurement instrument to measure a person’s physical ability accurately. 

He adjusted his busy schedule for his first IMADA visit. He listened intently to IMADA’s presentation in our laboratory on our Force-measuring instruments and the supporting solutions we can offer. He requested that we develop a load cell for underwater measurement. Then our long-term relationship began….. so far, we have designed and fabricated about ten specialized custom-made measuring instruments according to his research content requirements.

Significant individual differences exist in various human body forces, and there are high levels of flexibility with some allowances on the number of forces applied and how, for instance, the gripping motion affects the various human activities.

We have feedback on various insights into how force measuring instruments can contribute to cases where reproducibility is challenging to secure and the fundamental aspects of measurement data analysis and assessments. 

Professor Nagao’s research on the various physical functions and fitness of older people is essential for a healthy community, especially among the older generations.

IMADA has always actively supported and encouraged healthy environments in various communities through force measurements, and we are honored to participate in and contribute to Professor Nagao’s research activities.

For more information on Professor Nagao’s research fields, please refer to the page below on Hyogo University. *In Japanese

IMADA Co., Ltd. promotes joint research that solves various issues and aspects of Force measurements. If you are interested, please contact us from below.

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