Catalyst for Creativity 1 ”Job Satisfaction and Innovation”


Job satisfaction and innovation drifting like air

:Among the 17 goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) are “job satisfaction and economic growth” and “building a foundation for industrial and technological innovation”.
: Imada is certified as a local Toyohashi SDGs Promotion Partner, but our history of deploying SDGs has a long history, and even began before the SGDs were adopted at the United Nations Summit in 2015.

:It may seem difficult to reconcile the goals of “job satisfaction and economic growth” and “building a foundation for technological innovation”
: At IMADA, however, these goals are not assigned to departments or individuals as part of the company’s duties. We rather create an environment for the realization of these ideas.

View from the first floor foyer to the third floor through the stairwell

:The very first thing that catches the attention of visitors to IMADA is the “environment” from the entrance to the office.
: Each of our offices, cafeterias, and meeting rooms has been designed to stimulate creativity, but we are also particular about the environment that connects these spaces.

IMADA’s guests are welcomed by the Laboratory in front of the main entrance

:At the entrance of the company main building, the first encounter that welcomes everyone, including employees, is the “Research Laboratory”.
: In many offices, the first step is to compile a history and explain the company building, but at IMADA, we believe that experiments are the core driving force for the future and the source of technological innovation.
: So naturally, each day begins in the laboratory first.

On the way up to the office floor, “Technical Reference” room invites anyone, who are eager to pick up learnings in the comfortable environment

:The office space is located on the third floor, but the atrium from the first floor overlooks the third floor, and on the second floor, there is a “Technical Reference” room that can be also served as a “professional development space” that supports job satisfaction.
: The technical reference room may sound like a library, but it is a comfortable place equipped with comfortable chairs and a soccer game table, where you can naturally study yourself, which inevitably increases your job satisfaction.

Even in the main office floor, there exist various tools, placed to stimulate imaginations and creativities

:In a place that we pass by every morning without even thinking about it, there is a mechanism that inspires creativity and sustainable development goals, just like the natural air. This is IMADA and this is where our creativity comes into play.
: In this series, we will continue to introduce Imada’s innovations in the future.

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