Catalyst for Creativity 2”Relaxation, Stimulation and Spontaneous Creativity”


Spontaneous Creativity

:Creativity is an eternal theme for all companies. There must be many seminars, training programs, and other educational activities are being conducted in many company.
: Although it is very important to stimulate creativity by separating it from daily work, IMADA believes that the most important and effective way to stimulate creativity is to allow each and every employee to spontaneously exercise their creativity in their work.

Various stimulus are placed everywhere. In the “Technical Reference” room, we can touch and feel such tools, while expanding our imaginations

: We call it “Spontaneous Creativity”. The ideas that emerge unconsciously transcend the boundaries of company time and space, and are rooted in the awareness and problems that each individual faces as a consumer, resulting in more empathy for the customers of the products and services offered by us.

Sometimes, interactive activities promote creativity

: The IMADA building is filled with devices and tools that unconsciously awaken creativity. One of them is the relaxation space.

: In the corner of the cafeteria, there are relaxation chairs, mini basketballs, a ping-pong table, a billiard table, magazine books, and other tools to stimulate creativity that are available for everyone to use.

Conversation stimulus are also placed

: IMADA firmly believes that creativity is not something that can be learned, but is something that everyone has. All we need is to prepare the environment where all of us can exercise spontaneously.

: In this series, we will continue to introduce IMADA’s innovation inducing tools and acts.

No boundaries between any one of us.
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