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Pinnacle of the Force Measurement

:Imada’s goal is to become the world leader in the force measurement. The goal, however, is not defined by the sales volume, but by the degree of trust among customers when it comes to the force measurement. Force, like air, acts everywhere in the world, against anything, at any time, without stopping.

: Understanding and mastering such force will lead to the safe and reliable production of your products, which will be useful to society. IMADA wants to be useful to everyone wherever there is a force.

Deeper and Wider

:In order to be the one and only company in the field of force measurement, it is necessary to respond to a variety of measurement challenges. We need to master our expertise. To become a force measurement expert, we must not only know all about force gauges, but also excel in hardware such as test stands, attachments, and accessories, as well as in the software that controls the operation. In other words, we must have both depth and breadth in the field of force measurement.

: The concept of “depth and width” was influenced by the late Toshio Tsuchimitsu, Chairman of Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), who wrote in his book “Guidelines for Management Behavior”, quote, To dig deep, you need width unquote.

: We believe that we can provide the best solutions to all kinds of force measurement challenges by not only specializing in measuring instruments, but also by providing all kinds of hardware and software related to force measurement to a wide variety of industries around the world (broadening our scope).  : We are fully committed to widening the range of our products, digging deep, and creating products for everyone’s manufacturing needs. 

Attachment – A hero behind the scenes

: In this series of articles, we will introduce you to IMADA’s deep and broad pursuit of expertise, or artisanship. In the very first article, we will focus on “attachments”. We can almost hear some readers may say “What? Attachment?” or “Should the opening focus be on a force gauge?”

: We will be definitely talking about force gauges in a coming issue, but we think utterly appropriate to initiate the article by highlighting the deep and wide world of attachments, because the fact that we are particular about attachments as well as force gauges shows the attitude of IMADA’s manufacturing artisan.

:  Attachments are not something you think about very often, but they actually play a leading role in force measurement.  

: Attachments are like grips in ball games, or picks in musical instruments, and they play a critical role in transmitting the force accurately. Therefore, IMADA considers attachments as a key element as well as force gauges and test stands and puts as much as effort into its research and development.

Do you waste in the force measurement?

:Even a finest golf club will not fly a ball straight and far if the grip is not correct. Even a finest drum will not make a stirring sound if the Bachi (stick) is not properly placed.

: The same is true for the force measurement. Even if you use expensive measuring instruments, unless you push down, pull up, pick up, or pinch the object correctly, the measurement results could become incorrect. We strongly suggest your taking this opportunity to pay attention to attachments and perform the force measurement correctly. 

The deep and wide world of attachments

: IMADA’s catalog constantly contains more than 230 types of attachments. In addition, we undertake the production of various custom-made attachments, and as a result, we manufacture and sell about 300 types of attachments a year

: Force measurement has been expanded from the traditional machine manufacturing to such new industries as medicals, foods or fast-moving consumer goods. As new technologies and products emerge, IMADA will continue to diversify its attachments to meet a wide range of customer needs.

: At IMADA, engineers with a thorough understanding of attachments work closely with manufacturing and sales departments, and together, we are increasing our investment to accelerate the speed of attachment development.  : In order to develop attachments in depth and breadth, various inspirations are important. Pushing, pulling, plucking, and pinching are functions that are widely used not only by humans but also by animals and plants, so we are constantly searching for hints for attachment development from our immediate environment and from all corners of the world.

Connecting attachments connects people

: One industry that is expanding its understanding of attachments and the depth of force measurement is the packaging industry. For example, in the primary packaging (direct packaging) of consumer goods, pressure resistance tests have been widely used for retort pouches, heat seal packaging, and foil.

: However, a packaging material that consumers can feel secure in is one that is not only not easily crushed but can also be easily peeled off and opened when in use, and that does not easily open a hole and leak at the slightest touch. Therefore, in addition to pressure resistance tests, peel tests and puncture tests are becoming indispensable for consumer satisfaction. And all are made possible with an expansion of attachments.

: IMADA believes that “connecting” attachments and measuring instruments means “connecting” with consumers. Why wouldn`t you connect your attachments and connect with more customers?

Confirm it. Be confident about it.

: We hope you have understood why IMADA is so particular and passionate about attachments.

: Some of you may be wondering if you are measuring the force correctly, and some of you may have a lot of questions about attachments. Don’t worry! IMADA’s engineers are ready to consult with you about force measurement methods, measuring instruments, and of course, attachments, which are the mainstay of correctness.

: Appling for a consultation is as easy as one click. Press the button below and provide the necessary information. We will contact you shortly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us either.

: We will also accommodate the online meeting request, provide sample product measurement service, and report you the result and the consultation for the measurement product recommendations. : Leave it to IMADA. Confirm your force measurement and be confident about it!  

Sneak Preview for upcoming “Commitment to Artisanship” articles

: Hope this helps you. If you find the attachments you use casually suddenly seem to shine brightly, then you are already in the wonderland of the attachment. 

: In this “Commitment to Artisanship” series, we will continue to talk about IMADA’s manufacturing and the various unseen things that are hidden or plotted in our products. : For example, we plan to cover our artisanship in software, force gauges, quality control, ISO, or manufacturing sites. Look forward to it!

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