Force Measurements For Places and Things Like These

Force Measurement may only be familiar if you are a physics major. Even if you are familiar with the term, what do you imagine from this? You may imagine testing of the hardness of the metal parts, adhesive tape peeling strength, and quality control tests conducted in factories for industrial products, etc.

Actually force measurement is a helpful and flexible test that can be adapted to various industries, sometimes unique beyond our imagination.

In this article, we are introducing unique examples of force measurements and what they are used for.

Maybe adds some ideas and hints for your daily measurement solutions?


Measuring the Rigidity of a Violin Bow 

The first case study, from the Music Industry, was introduced on the Youtube channel, “(Mr.) Akira Sasaki” of the Sasaki Violin Production Studio. According to Mr. Sasaki, the essential element affecting the Violin bow’s performance is the rigidity of the bowstring. The rigidity is usually checked by human senses but he manage the rigidity numerically using a force gauge, test stand, and data acquisition software. The high sensitivity in the measurement with the force gauge is utilized for the delicate force assessment required.

[Source: Akira Sasaki “Measuring the Rigidity of a Violin Bow” *Japanese Only (]

Checking to Manage the Softness: Tree Stump for the Stag Beetle Spawning

Force measurements are also playing an essential role in Stag Beetle breeding processes. D.D.A. Inc. in Japan, the industry professionals are adapting mechanical force gauges to manage the hardness of the spawning wood used for breeding stag beetles. The spawning tree’s softness affects the number of eggs laid. D.D.A. Inc. defines and manages the condition and the quality of the tree stump based on the measurement data with consistency.  

Stag beetle studies are very popular for Summer Vacation projects amongst primary school students in Japan. Based on the different tree stump hardness, an assessment performed to investigate the best and most suitable spawning conditions for the Stag Beetles could be an exciting project.

〔Source:D.D.A ism (〕

Force Measurement in Dentistry

Finally, with a photo of a very unusual situation. A scene from a dental student training session at the Department of Clinical Dental Education/Comprehensive Dentistry, Niigata University, Japan.

It is evident, not hard to imagine, that even a slight difference in how the forces are applied, especially in and around the mouth or jaw, can significantly impact how the patient feels, physically and mentally, with the types of treatments and the applications. The dentist with the rich career understands the force applied to the patient’s jaw and other body parts based on their experiences which students do not have. The words and diagrams cannot explain enough such experienced skills. Thus, to overcome this, they use the force gauge to evaluate the force applied as one of the solutions to detect how much pressure is applied during the treatment. Force gauge enables the detection of delicate minute forces of less than 1N and visualizes the trajectory of the force transition in a graph. The pressure applied by experienced dentists during treatments converted into data and used as an indicator for training students.

[Source: Niigata University Division of Dental Clinical Education / General Dentistry and Clinical Education Unit (]

What did you think? The practical and exciting use of force measurements beyond your expectations?

As explained in this article, force measurements help evaluate and observe some delicate force application changes and differences.

We are always looking for unique and attractive examples of practical force measurements. Please share them with us from “Contact Us.”

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