Simple Operability Test of Building Fittings and Fixtures


Simple inspection procedure using a Force gauge

Have you noticed any problems which need fixing but have been putting aside and neglecting to take care of? “Heavy Sliding door” or “Wobbling Wall Hooks “? Or, some unobvious issues may be, but wear and tear over the years could cause problems. Different countries have different legal regulations concerning building facility maintenance, and Companies and public facilities are required to hire authorized contractors to perform periodic inspections by law. Still, checking and verifying problems when you are a little concerned prevents accidents, giving you a sense of security. Just as regular maintenance is essential for automobiles and machinery, it is also necessary for buildings, factories, and equipment. Inspection is one of the first processes for maintenance, but when you hear of “inspection,” some people may instantly feel that there are hurdles to overcome, such as Laws and Regulations for safety. For example, manufacturers of interior parts, such as doors, provide self-inspection information on their websites. But do users perform inspections and maintenance by themselves? Other than periodical inspections by outside contractors.

We would like to introduce a simple inspection procedure using a Force gauge.

In these cases, we suggest you use a Mechanical force gauge for the following reasons:-  

(1) Less likely to fail due to deterioration and can be stored for a long period.

(2) The spring mechanism prevents sudden changes in accuracy. No electrical components are an advantage as there are no battery issues. Use it when you need it at any moment.

Fire Door Inspection, Closing Force Measurement

Firstly, Fire Door Closing Force Test. When a fire is detected, the Fire Door is set to close automatically. If the door closing force is too strong, there may be risks of people getting trapped during an evacuation. For the Fire Doors, there is a law in Japan which specifies that the closing force must be 150 N or less”.

  • Building Standard Law of Japan [ 2014 ] Act No. 54
  • Enforcement Ordinance of the Building Standard Law of Japan [ 2005 ] Article 112

A specialized attachment, Fire Door Closing Measurement, is attached to the Mechanical Force gauge for the closing force measurement. (as above image) Insert a force gauge with the attachment between the fire door and the door frame at a right angle. The measurement proceeded by placing the force gauge on the door, and the door frame, and then the closing force of the fire door is transmitted to the force gauge.

Load Capacity of Wall Hanging Hook Measurement

Next, we introduce the load capacity measurement of wall-hanging fixtures. Hooks, eyebolts, and other hanging fixtures are very convenient and used in various places, but have you experienced them falling out? The strength of the hanging fixture and its attachment points may deteriorate on specific types of walls or frames or from regular uses. You need to check regularly, and proper maintenances are required in many cases for safety. Check once every few months to see if the tensile strength meets the required strength for hanging. The force value checks can help stabilize the hook in position to keep the purpose of hanging well in the place safe, away from any risks of accidents.

Measurement is performed by pulling with the hook attached to the force gauge axis and applies to the strength measurements of ropes, wires, and other non-suspension fixtures. Set a required standard value in advance and perform inspections. (e.g., pull with a force of fixed values for a certain second; if it does not loosen, the test is Pass).

Sliding Door Operating Force Measurement

The Force gauge is also used to measure the pushing and pulling forces of the sliding door, as mentioned in Section 1).

Similar processes are applied to various measurements with the same functions, such as windows, shutters, and drawers. It is essential to base the evidential support on the accurately measured values for safety and protection. The optimum operating force values depend on the user and applications.


There are various facility inspections you could adapt using force gauges.

They may apply to everyday situations and incidents; in many cases, different Force gauge attachments allow different inspection operations and help with practical and accurate results for simple improvements for safety.

Click the link to watch an actual measurement video: Fire door closing force test

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