Corporate Mission & Culture

Corporate Mission

1.Corporate Mission
IMADA’s Corporate Mission identifies and exhibits the purpose and significance of consistency in the business objectives.Force measurement is an indispensable technology for safe and secure manufacturing.We strive to contribute to society by supporting our customers’ manufacturing through the evolution of force measurement technology and the pursuit of solutions to a wide range of challenges. We position the Corporate Mission as the epicenter of the business activities for the employees sharing the common goal and passing on across the generations.

We implement the action plans in order to permeate the Corporate Mission. Each division is accountable for formulating the action plans in pursuit of better future with the combination of the Corporate Mission, the medium-term policies, and the current situation analysis. Each plan is shared at the biannual meeting, and every division is responsible for achieving the respective goals. In addition, we foster the understanding of the Corporate Mission through various activities such as the new recruit training, the distribution of the credo, and divisional study groups held on a regular basis.

Force measurement is essential means to realize ideal manufacturing. Our purpose is to provide our customers assistance for manufacturing better products and services. Under the guiding principle of providing good quality at a reasonable price, we pursue the followings.
・The pinnacle of excellence through the evolution of our expertise and FORCE strategy
・The high value-added products and services
・The contribution to the better manufacturing of our customers

Fine accumulated know-how of force measurement applications

Original technology applied to force measurement products

Road to world standard of force gauge

Customer satisfaction to meet measurement needs of various segment

Easy operativity and user-friendly products

Corporate Culture

1.Corporate Culture
IMADA`s Corporate Culture defines our corporate values and code of conduct. The source of a company’s strength lies in the people. Sharing the culture we aim to achieve promotes each individual to take initiative and creates a sense of unity as a team.In order to amplify value to our customers, and to create an environment where individuals can learn and work comfortably, we will continue to foster IMADA`s Corporate Culture.

We connect the personnel system to the Corporate Culture, in order to permeate the Corporate Culture. Holding Corporate Culture as a pillar, individuals identify the development challenges, set goals, and discipline ourselves by books, seminars, and on-the-job training to improve their skill acquisition. We also support their development through regular performance reviews. In addition, we provide training and distribute Credo at the time of joining the company and hold regular departmental study groups to enhance understanding of the Corporate Culture.


  1. We design the company, not as a means to earn livings but as a destiny where we can share the values for contributing customers, society, and company, all of which bring us the self-esteem. We dedicate ourselves to the missions and the accountabilities.
  2. We strive for excellence because that proves the value we create. We believe such excellence is made possible by the followings.
    ・Enriching knowledges
    ・Enhancing mental and physical skills ,and actions・Endeavoring with all our strength
    ・Expanding receptivity
    ・Elevating ourselves by the constant self-development
  3. We fulfill our life, by achieving both responsibilities at work and fulfillment in life. To materialize it, we value the time, and learn to be productive.
  4. We aim to mature as human beings in order to build a good relationship between society, companies, and individuals. Such maturity is materialized by the followings.
    ・Developing a humble attitude・Diving into the new world
    ・Defining balancing between freedom and responsibility
    ・Dealing with everything with sincerity
  5. We understand the importance of profit and take responsibility for it. Profit becomes the source of continuity for the company and its employees, which eventually transforms into the innovation that meets customer expectations and finally materializes into social contribution.